A representative from Davis & Shirtliff (T) LTD, Eng. Erick Koko on (the right), receiving the guest of honor, Assistant Regional Administrative Secretary from Dodoma, Athumani Mathayo (at left) accompanied by the former ATAWAS CHAIRMAN Eng. Jackson Mutazamba (at the middle) to the exhibition booth during AWAC 2016 at St. Gaspar Hotel & Conference Centre in Dodoma.
  • The participants of the fourth Annual Water Conference (AWAC) 2016 which took place from 8th -10th November 2016 at St. Gaspar Hotel & Conference Centre in Dodoma poses for a group photo together with ATAWAS secretariat
    The Director of Shinyanga Water Supply and Sanitation Authority(Shuwasa), Eng. elaborating some points during one of AWAC 2016 session which he chaired

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ATAWAS is acting as a network of organizations and individuals in the Tanzanian water and sanitation sector, that offers knowledge and experience on local sector issues and best practices in all fields of utility operations and management including:

  • Technical expertise in water supply and sanitation provision
  • Management and planning for utilities in all fields
  • Financial and commercial management for service providers
  • Legal and policy expertise in water and sanitation

More than 40 national experts are available in the ATAWAS expert pool for consulting and support to projects and missions such as:

  • Support to project implementation on site
  • Field missions and data collection
  • Studies, surveys, research projects

Further to that ATAWAS is coordinating the work of Expert Groups on specific topics, such as Non-Revenue Water and Energy Efficiency. These experts implement various activities in their field of expertise for example:

  • Consultancy and on-site Support to other Water and Sanitation service providers
  • Publication of guides and articles about various topics e.g. Metering and Energy efficiency in water utilities

Promotion of best practices, procedures (SOPs), methodologies, etc.



The ATAWAS Expert Group for Non-revenue Water has prepared a document on Metering and Selection of water meter to support all ATAWAS members in this important matters. The document is designed to provide a step-by-step guide to select water meters that will work well and reduce the risk of meter inaccuracy and loss of revenue. It is also addressing some essential aspects of meter installation with a drawing of an underground installation.


We are pleased to attached this document through the link WATER METER_GUIDELINES  and hope that it will be well received in your organization and shared with a large circle of staff that is concerned with the topic. The Expert Group NRW is at your service for any of your inquiries or to  provide support on metering and other



Another Expert Group for Energy Efficiency has prepared a document on protective gears in pumping stations.This document presents a number of the low cost protective gears, which should be installed in every pumping station to protect the machines under abnormal conditions. Each of the devices will be introduced briefly in the following chapters with its most important characteristics and applications. The whole document can be accessed through the link  PROTECTIVE GEARS.





High pressure in Water distribution networks is increasing water loss and pipe bursts. This is one of the major causes for high real losses in water networks.The ATAWASA Expert Group for Non-revenue water has prepared another document that is addressing this issue. In the paper REAL LOSS CONTROL TECHNIQUES -PRESSURE MANAGEMENT, the experts have collected background information about the subject and explain some of the best practices to manage pressure and to reduce leakage and pipe bursts that are applied in Tanga UWASA. The document is attached on the link   REAL LOSS CONTROL TECHNIQUES_PRESSURE MANAGEMENT for your reference and to share it with all responsible staff within your WSSA and beyond.The ATAWAS experts remain at your service for further information and support or for field visits / support missions to your utility.

We are looking forward to your comments and requests to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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